What is Cloud-based Phone Calling?

Calling over the internet

Cloud-based phone calling allows you to make phone calls using a virtual phone system, which is not physically located in your enterprise. This new, flexible and reliable way of calling is growing in popularity, both with SME’s and big enterprises.

There are many uses of cloud-based phone calling. The most commonly used are VoIP, calling through smartphone applications or a softphone. This way, cloud-based phone calling enables you to call from more than one fixed location, using the same phone number. At work, at home, on the road or at a remote office, you are always using the same phone system and therefore the same business phone number.

How does cloud-based phone calling work?

To use cloud-based phone calling you don’t need on-premise servers for your phone system. Within your company, you only use phones or other devices that are connected to the internet (IP-phones). The actual phone system will be installed on the WimNet servers or our partners’ servers.

Benefits compared to a traditional phone system

Classical phone systems are notorious for their lack of flexibility and from time to time unreliable communication. On top of that, the configuration and installation of a classical phone system can cause quite some challenges.

Cloud-based phone systems, on the other hand, offer many benefits for your business, compared to traditional phone systems:

1. Quick Start

A virtual phone system is being configured much faster compared to a traditional phone system.

2. Scalability

Your virtual phone systems grows easily along with the size of your business.

3. Flexiblity

All branches of your enterprise, just as employees working from home, are using one and the same system. Besides that, you can integrate your smartphone or tablet with the virtual phone system. Cloud-based phone systems are also easy to integrate with your CRM of choice. From now on you are available wherever you are on your business phone number, as long as you have access to the internet.

4. Uptime

Thanks to equipment redundancy we provide an increased uptime. Multiple servers, operating on different geographical locations, serve as a backup for each other. Because of this, your phone system is nearly always up and running.

5. Total Control

Depending on the system or the configuration of it, there are online platforms available for the end-user. We are here to help you choose for the best solution for your business.

6. Lower costs compared to a classical phone system

Lower setup costs are guaranteed because you no longer invest in the purchase and configuration of your own phone system.

Besides that, each month, you only pay for the number of users that you actually need.

Furthermore, maintenance costs are thing of the past. We warrant the maintenance, management, and security of the infrastructure for the phone system.

Lastly, you call at lower rates when using the internet, both for national and international phone calls.




Available functionalities

A cloud-based phone system offers many features that you are commonly used with traditional phone systems. Besides that, there are many unique features for cloud-based phone systems as well. Some of the many available features are:

Curious to see if the features of your choice are available with our phone systems? Feel free to reach out! We would love to provide you with more information.


Fax 2 Mail

Hot Desking

Notifications through email

Waiting lines

Centralised telephone directory

Curious to see if the features of your choice are available with our phone systems? Feel free to reach out! We would love to provide you with more information.

Why would you choose for WimNet’s cloud-based phone calling?

WimNet is an IT firm with a strong focus on corporate phone systems. With us, user-friendliness for the end-user has the highest priority. In case you don’t benefit from a phone system packed with high-end features, we will not advise you to purchase one.

Cloud-based phone calling using the Wimnet Cloud Centrale

Cloud-based phone calling using 3CX software

Together with you, we will search for the best solution for your business. While doing so we take multiple factors into account, including:

The band-width of your existing internet connection

The current and expected phone traffic in your company

Your wishes regarding the functionalities and possible integrations with other platforms

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